Creative Works

Ryan is a songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and writer. He has written and recorded with multiple bands, but Twin Cities has remained his primary songwriting outlet for more than ten years. Outside of his songwriting, Ryan has also published a few pieces of creative writing, an area he hopes to pursue more thoroughly in the future.



Twin Cities – Everything Must Go (Vocals, guitar)


Team Tremolo – Intruder (Writing Credit, Bass)


Twin Cities – Missing Out On Nothing (Vocals, guitar)

Coriander – CreativeRush Songwriter Studio (Bass)

Twin Cities/Faux Reality – Split EP (Vocals, guitar)


Twin Cities – Sunflower Sessions Vol. II (Vocals, guitar, ukelele)

Twin Cities – The Things You Say You Just Went Through (Vocals, guitar, bass)

Twin Cities – Sunflower Sessions Vol. I (Vocals, guitar)

Coriander – Old Invitations (Bass, vocals)

2013 and earlier:

Twin Cities – The Past Four Months (Vocals, guitar, bass)

Twin Cities – Ryan Stoldt/Joshua Erickson Split EP [2010-Currently unavailable] (Vocals, guitar, bass)

Ryan Stoldt – The Shinyface EP [2008-Currently unavailable] (Vocals, guitar, harmonica)

Creative Writing

“An Argument Against Pablo Neruda.” [Poem]. Kudzu Literary Journal, 2014.

“Sunday Nights on AMC.” [Poem]. Stepping Stones Magazine, 2014.