New Music: Team Tremolo – Intruder

Before moving to Iowa City, my good friend William Erickson asked me to play bass in a new alternative/stoner/shoegaze band called Team Tremolo. Although the project originally began as Will’s bedroom recording project, he formed a band to expand the songs and to perform live. Before moving, I played a few shows with them andContinue reading “New Music: Team Tremolo – Intruder”

“No One Wants To Live Here Now” by Twin Cities

“I can’t wait to get out of Wichita” is a refrain I’ve heard a lot throughout my life. A lot of people I know blame Wichita for their problems. They thought life would finally start going perfectly for them if they could only live in a different place. “No One Wants To Live Here Now” wasContinue reading ““No One Wants To Live Here Now” by Twin Cities”

New Music: Twin Cities – Missing Out On Nothing

  Twin Cities is releasing our first full length LP Missing Out On Nothing. The songs were written over the course of five years and recorded in two marathon 12 hour sessions by myself, Will Erickson, and Caleb Drummond. The album explores the themes of loss and aging existentially, ultimately expressing the concern that “I’mContinue reading “New Music: Twin Cities – Missing Out On Nothing”

New Music: Twin Cities x Faux Reality Split EP

Twin Cities recently worked with Faux Reality to produce a new four song EP that has two songs from each band. We released our new song “Everything Made Sense” and a cover of Faux Reality’s “Nostalgia.” They released their new song “Rib-Cage Blues” and a cover of our song “Brown Eyes.” Our good friend KristynContinue reading “New Music: Twin Cities x Faux Reality Split EP”

“Everything Made Sense With You Around” by Twin Cities

This is a new song entitled “Everything Made Sense With You Around.” I wrote it 2 or 3 years ago during the most stressful moment of finals week. My guitar is my best friend during stressful times, and I often turn to songwriting during panic attacks. This was one of those instances. Will and I areContinue reading ““Everything Made Sense With You Around” by Twin Cities”

New Music: Twin Cities – The Things You Say You Just Went Through

Will Erickson and I have been working for the last six months on refining some old Twin Cities songs and writing some new ones. The culmination of these writing sessions is our new EP “The Things You Say You Just Went Through.” Half of the EP was written with my original collaborator in Twin Cities,Continue reading “New Music: Twin Cities – The Things You Say You Just Went Through”

New Publication: An Argument Against Pablo Neruda

My poem “An Argument Against Pablo Neruda” was recently published in the Kudzu Literary Magazine. The poem was written while I was reading Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair. Pablo Neruda writes, “Love is so short, forgetting is so long,“ in “Tonight I Can Write the Saddest Lines.” The poem focuses on the mourning ofContinue reading “New Publication: An Argument Against Pablo Neruda”

New Publication: Sunday Nights on AMC

Stepping Stones Magazines is publishing my poem “Sunday Nights on AMC.” It’s about watching Mad Men and Lost. Probably a little more than that, too. Really excited to have my first poem published! Edit – January 2018: Stepping Stones Magazines is no longer active, so I’m reuploading the poem here. Thanks to them for theContinue reading “New Publication: Sunday Nights on AMC”

New Music: Twin Cities – The Past Four Months

Twin Cities released “The Past Four Months,” our first EP in 3 years. This is the first album I’ve recorded that hasn’t been self-engineered and produced. Will and I spent a lot of time working on these songs. I think there are a lot of “We Have The Facts and We’re Voting Yes” era DeathContinue reading “New Music: Twin Cities – The Past Four Months”