Online Office Hours

Times are pretty wild right now, but it remains critically important to continue to support our communities. As an academic, that support needs to carry over to our students and peers. I’ll be hosting online office hours on Zoom every Tuesday at 3pm CST for the next weeks to try and support those communities. These open office hours are meant to provide a space for collaboration. I’m happy to offer feedback to students working on projects for school, other academics who are thinking through research ideas, and creatives who are working on all sorts of video projects.

Center For Teaching Fellowship

I’m honored to announce that I was selected as one of four 2019-2020 Graduate Teaching Fellows at the Center for Teaching at the University of Iowa. Graduate Teaching Fellows engage in a year of research and praxis on teaching. I’ll be developing an online workshop about universal design for learning in online contexts for faculty andContinue reading “Center For Teaching Fellowship”

New Classes: Journalistic Reporting and Writing and Multimedia Storytelling

I’m excited to announce I’ll be teaching two courses this fall at the University of Iowa—Journalistic Reporting and Writing as well as Multimedia Storytelling. These co-requisite classes work together to teach journalism undergraduate how to tell stories effectively across a variety of media. Journalistic Reporting and Writing teaches students the fundamentals of journalistic practice, rangingContinue reading “New Classes: Journalistic Reporting and Writing and Multimedia Storytelling”

New Class: Media Uses and Effects

I’ll be teaching the discussion sections for Media Uses and Effects as my first class at the University of Iowa. This general education class teaches students about the history of social scientific research on media, discussing how violence, sexuality, and other topics impact media users. While the class is largely arranged topically, the course naturallyContinue reading “New Class: Media Uses and Effects”

New Class: Introduction to Human Communication

On the first day of my undergraduate degree at Wichita State University, I walked into a large lecture led by Sandy Sipes to take a general education class in communication, Comm 190: Introduction to Human Communication. I was a Secondary English Education major at the time but switched my major over to communication because IContinue reading “New Class: Introduction to Human Communication”

New Class: Introduction to Public Speaking

I’m teaching every college student’s least favorite class for my first class at Wichita State University. Although I’m fully prepared for my students to hate me since I’m forcing them to speak in front of others, I’m really excited for the opportunity to teach the class. The class is divided into two large units. First,Continue reading “New Class: Introduction to Public Speaking”